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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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Global Media in Global Times.
An Integrated Overview on the Geo-Globalization

The announced End of History with a global governance without any kind of cross-borders and traditional social limits and with the individualism, liberalism and democracy implanted in each corner of the World it’s coming to be replaced by the History of the End of liberal capitalism and the emergence of post-democracy, the populism and the neo-nationalism.

More than ever, became imperative to know whether globalization is in mere reflux, in a cycle of contraction, as happened already in past, if agonizes at the hands of those who created the Globalism or, if the discontents of Globalization with different cultures and civilizations, resisting to the Globalism are disputing the supremacy and are forcing the Globalization to assume a different configuration.

It was in this context that GLOBE news post was created: for supporting an academic research program on the Geo-Globalization and the New World Order and the perspectives of evolution.

For another side, in the context of decolonization and Globalization two historical facts deserve especial heads up for the watchful observer. By one side, the regional autonomy of the two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macau) arising from the handover of powers from the British and Portuguese sovereignty to People’s Republic of China (PRC). For another side, the Forum for Economic and trade Co-operation Between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Macau), created when China joined that Community (known as CPLP). The Globalization has inevitable impact in those two autonomous regions and in its international cooperation, which is not only economic but also political as it happened with the support given by China to the election of the Portuguese Antonio Guterres as new General-Secretary of United Nations.

GLOBE news post will follow this attractive and challenging Agenda of our time and the uncertainty of its signals, trying to unveil its secrets and anticipating the knowledge of its risks.

During the period of its construction, GLOBE news post quickly became an hybrid tool of media: it is more than a Blog and less than a Newspaper.

More than a Blog, for having its focus on the large range of opinion sources (including now columnists of newspapers) and encompassing a diversity of Channels, which are typical of newspapers.

Less than a Newspaper for keeping its original academic structure that is in the basis of its mission, and considering that it is not based on the professional activity of journalists, even if all its collaborators are bind by an Ethical Code, similar to that one of journalists.

GLOBE news post uses all the other media formats (Magazines, TV Channels, social media, papers), and based in the integrated analysis of selected information provided by the online media, GLOBE news post was programmed for providing Periodical Opinion Reports on the Geo-Globalization.