To end extreme poverty, we must tackle inequality – tell the UK government to act now

Right now, the 62 richest people have the same wealth as the 3.6 billion poorest people. The richest get richer, while millions of people struggle for food, water and shelter.

We’ve found out that 200 million more people will be in extreme poverty by 2030 unless we act now to address economic inequality. What’s more, the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor is making inequality between men and women even worse. It’s time to Even It Up.

Like you, we won’t live with poverty. So we’re calling on Theresa May to fight extreme inequality – starting now.

We’ve identified three ways to tackle inequality and we’re already working on all of them. But to really change things, leaders must act. We’re calling for:

1. An end to tax dodging

We have to make tax fair with rules that make sure everyone – including rich people and multinational companies – pay their fair share.

2. Fair wages for all

People around the world must have the chance to work their way out of poverty. This means creating secure jobs with decent wages, especially for women, who are more likely to be in insecure or poorly paid work.

3. Investment in vital public services

Governments around the world need to invest in health, education and other vital public services that have the power to transform the lives of the poorest people. We know women and girls are the first to lose out when this doesn’t happen.

We’re calling on Theresa May to fight extreme inequality and create a fairer system for everyone – please join us.

To find out more about the solutions to inequality and the work we’re already doing – read our latest inequality blog.

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